It is an advanced personal tracker that integrates a quad band GSM/GPRS phone for two way communications and a 50 channel low-power A-GPS receiver used for positioning. At first glance, MAMBO2 looks like a conventional mobile phone. In the MAMBO2 there are many functions designed specifically for use in logistics providers, Cab Company, security and fire services, police or technical emergency service. MAMBO2 can be used as a cell phone with the standard features, voice calls, SMS all through a simple menu-guided operation. This small robust device can be carried along in a pocket or fixed in a vehicle. It is a true mobile all-rounder both for commercial and private users. MAMBO2 also supports a series of functions for GPS navigation and tracking via SMS, CSD and GPRS/TCP. The true strength lies in the multitude of its configuration options: Rolling GPS display, geo-fencing capability with alarm and an ultra-precise movement detector are just some of the MAMBO2‘s core functions. MAMBO2 integrates up to five communication options, including GSM and TCP, system-wide IEEE 802.15.4 for communication with a key fob, Bluetooth for hands free communication, and ANT (*) for heart rate monitoring. This first-of-its-kind solution with sophisticated software offers system integrators and developers the possibility to develop their own cost efficient and flexible solution.

GSM/GPRS Specification  
GSM Module
GSM Antennas
Quad band (850/900/1800/1900MHz)  GPRS Class 10 data rates
GPS Specification  
GPS Receiver
50 Channels, L1 Band, C/A Code
2.5m CEP;   Assisted GPS Supported
Active, Internal
Accelorometer built in
Electrical Characteristics  
Power Source Internal Li Polymer battery; Charging via USB.
Available Interfaces   OLED Graphical Interface; 128 x 128 Pixel; full color.
SIM card reader
Internal speaker and Internal Microphone
2 buttons; 1 reset button and 5 way joystick
Mini USB port for charging and data transfer
Bluetooth and SD card (optinonal)
Mechanical Specification  
86 x 54 x 26 mm
Environmental Characteristics  
 Operational -25 ~ +60°C
Do I have to write software for Mambo II to work?
Yes, A server based software is needed for commercial applications. Infospectrum offers infoTRAK Locate and infoTRAK Fleet turnkey solutions to interface with the Mambo II hardware. If you want to use our server software solutions, please contact .