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Central Drug System (CDS) selects Infospectrum's infoTRAK HOS to add Hours of Service to their DriverSocket Program to meet the ELD mandate by FMCSA for Truck Drivers.

Agoura Hills, CA – Infospectrum, a leader in Real-Time Location based Asset and Fleet Tracking Solutions and Central Drug System, a leading provider of Driver Safety, Management and Safety Rating services, announced today a comprehensive partnership that would allow CDS to offer Electronic Logging Device with Hours of Service solution as part of their DriverSocket program. With this partnership, DriverSocket will allow all of its drivers to transition from Paper Logs to Electronic Logging as mandated by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Donald Mac Neil, Director of Marketing & Sales of DriverSocket, said, “We were looking for a reliable partner who can provide competitive FMCSA approved ELD solution and integrate with our existing systems to offer our customers who operate nationally. We are confident that this partnership will bring great value to our customers”.

2G Devices and Status – An Update from Mukund Halthore SVP-Infospectrum:

Agoura Hills, CA – Some of you have expressed concerns hearing AT&T turning OFF 2G service as they are upgrading their network to 4G / LTE. Most of the 2G/GPRS tracking devices you deployed two or more years ago are still working fine. But, there is a general concern in the industry- if these devices will work in 2017? The short answer is YES. Infospectrum tracking devices provide both AT&T and T Mobile service on a single SIM which connects to whichever service has the higher signal strength and manage connections between operators without disrupting the connection. While AT&T has made public announcement, T-Mobile is taking a different approach.

The question of 2G/GPRS longevity was addressed very well by our friend Peggy Smedley who decided to take this up head on.

Peggy writes, I quote “Lucky for T-Mobile customers, the “uncarrier” really wants to help. The company has launched 2G-M2M, a modified version of its 2G network that will deliver an M2M-specific GSM data service through the year 2020.”

Please read full article:

Of course I agree with Peggy, when she writes “Ultimately, shutting down 2G and forcing a migration to 4G will even give M2M customers a better experience. However, in the short term, it’s not a better experience; it’s just inconvenience and added costs”.
With that said, I hope all our customers slowly migrate to 3G or LTE, which we prefer, over time as and when opportunity presents. We are here to support you, help you to keep the costs minimum while constantly working hard to bring additional features.

Contact us for further information.

Infospectrum announces a new infoTRAK™ Video feature - "Live view from dashboard to see road conditions and accidents as part of Internet of Things ( IoT) solution ".

Agoura Hills, CA – Infospectrum, a leader in real-time location based services and Fleet Management Software Solution, announced today that, to enhance and sustain its leadership in Fleet Management Solutions, Infospectrum is adding live video view feature on  a vehicle to its offering of infoTRAK  Solution. This will allow infoTRAK customers to efficiently dispatch vehicles based on road conditions and further improve utilization of assets. Systems will allow managers to see what drivers are experiencing as part of the road condition or in the event of an accident. Further, the system will record video and events which will be stored with time stamp for review. The new feature will allow fleet operators utilize Vehicles, Drivers and Dispatch efficiently.

Mukund Halthore, Senior Vice-President, Infospectrum, added, “With the winter months coming, we want our customers to be safe and efficient in what they do best - keeping the roads safe for commuters". Contact us for further information.

Infospectrum announces a new infoTRAK™ FLEET feature - "Fastest Route to Destination considering Current Traffic Conditions".

Agoura Hills, CA – Infospectrum, a leader in real-time location based Asset and Fleet Management & Condition Based Maintenance Software Solution, announced today that, to enhance and sustain its leadership in Fleet Management Solutions, Infospectrum is adding Fastest Route Estimate for a vehicle to reach the destination considering current traffic conditions to its offering of infoTRAK FLEET Solution. This will allow infoTRAK FLEET customers to efficiently dispatch and forecast accurate arrival times. Systems can specify the start address and destination address to get the fastest route summary. Response will provide the shortest travel distance & time, with and without current traffic conditions. The new feature will allow fleet operators to extend their services and increase market share.

Mukund Halthore added, “Many of you asked and we've listened. With these new features, our software will enhance the taxi & limo community and further, improves the dispatch, delivery and pickup service operators”. Contact us for further information.

Infospectrum’s infoTRAK™ MRO Solution Goes Live at PEMCO
May 2014 – Agoura Hills, CA – PEMCO, based in Tampa, FL, has successfully gone live on infoTRAK™ MRO V9 for their Aircraft Maintenance, Modifications and Engineering business.
Infospectrum’s infoTRAK™ MRO Solution Goes Live at Turbine Controls, Inc.'s new Florida Facility
March 2014 – Agoura Hills, CA – TCI’s Miramar, FL facility has successfully gone live with the infoTRAK™ MRO Application.
Infospectrum’s infoTRAK™ MRO Solution Goes Live at Turbine Controls, Inc.'s Headquarters in Connecticut
December 2013 – Agoura Hills, CA – TCI, based in Bloomfield, CT, has successfully gone live the infoTRAK™ MRO Application to support their engine component and engine airframe accessories overhaul and repair business.
Infospectrum Acquires EKA Technologies Inc., A Leader in Geo-Tagging solutions for GIS applications
February 2013 - Agoura Hills, CA – Infospectrum acquires EKA Technologies inc., to enhance its infoTRAK suite of applications with Geo-Tagging and Data-Tagging capabilities. This would benefit companies requiring visual confirmation of asset status in addition to Real-time tracking.
Infospectrum’s infoTRAK™ MRO Solution Goes Live At Aviall, A Boeing Company
Aviall Inc, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company, has successfully gone live on infoTRAK™ software to improve the inventory management of their parent company’s POSEIDON P8 Material support military programs.
Infospectrum acquires Hetrogenous Inc. (USA), to provide web-enabled real time Asset Tracking, Asset Management and Maintenance (all in one) solution to its customers.
October 2011 - Agoura Hills, CA – Infospectrum, a leading provider of Enterprise Asset Management and Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) software infoTRAK™, announced today that it has acquired Hetrogenous Inc., ( the leading provider of Real time Asset Tracking software Kliko® and an award winning player in the M2M space. The purchase will allow Asset owners, operators and maintenance providers to get visibility of their asset status, condition and maintenance needs (predictive and planned) in REAL TIME. The combined offering will provide an end-to-end solution for asset operations enabling asset owners & operators to track, manage and maintain all assets in a single application.
Best Practices and Industry Trends in Lifecycle Asset Management: infoTRAK Supports Leaders in Aviation MRO and Component Repair
Commercial and military aircraft MRO facilities and component repair & overhaul facilities must service a mixture of old and new equipment configurations, respond to unpredictable levels and sources of demand, minimize Turnaround Time (TAT), and maximize throughput for acceptable customer service. The increasing focus on more efficient asset MRO processes and end-to-end asset lifecycle management and reliability are key trends for industry leaders to gain marketshare and new levels of profitability in commercial environments, as well as attain increased military readiness at lower cost in Government environments. Contact us for more information.
Best Practices in Lifecycle Management of Complex Assets
Increasing demand for aircraft, equipment, and other high value asset availability as well as demand for efficiency of related maintenance services has put great pressure on operators and technical maintenance service providers to find new ways to cost effectively manage complex fleet and asset maintenance operations while meeting demanding customer schedules and managing safety, reliability, and compliance.

It has become a strategic imperative for many operators and technical service providers to use maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) “best practices,” processes, and state-of-the-art systems that reduce turnaround time, optimize equipment/asset utilization, provide a competitive advantage or make better use of tight budgets and scarce resources. In addition, some operators – such as airline operators -- want to implement MRO and Engineering Management systems that efficiently manage both their internal MRO operations as well as “for profit” MRO services to other operators in order to leverage facilities, economies of scale, core competencies, and capital-intensive infrastructures.

Infospectrum’s infoTRAK MRO™ is an integrated but highly modular Technical Maintenance business software suite that supports Engineering, Technical Base Maintenance (e.g. airframe or asset structure, engine, assembly and component MRO & support workshops), line maintenance, planning, inventory and warehousing, purchasing and supply chain management, quality and technical records management as well as overall fleet/asset lifecycle management and control. The system provides detailed project costing, labor hour collection, optional finance modules, or can be rapidly integrated with packaged finance systems such as SAP, Oracle or even home grown systems using our innovative web services and open infoTRAK architecture.

The system manages asset/equipment maintenance plans and detailed configurations as well as maintenance operations and resources, including maintenance requirements, planned/unplanned (routine/non-routine) maintenance execution, component repair and overhaul (R&O), labor skill sets/certifications, tooling and equipment, inventory, repairables, exchanges, and the supply chain of needed parts and support services. infoTRAK MRO manages business support functions such as customer quotation and bid management, complex invoicing, project hours and cost accounting. The system also manages Technical Record keeping with ‘real time’ automated tracking, traceability and audit trails of technical actions taken and materials used for compliance support, such as for SOX compliance, or for aviation-related FAA, EASA, SPEC 2000, and other regional public safety regulatory compliance requirements. Contact us for more information.
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